Dō Tea Bowl - Fubuki Matcha

Dō Tea Bowl

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The tea bowl, or chawan, is the perfect utensil with which to prepare a delicious bowl of matcha. In tradition, the tea bowls were functional utensils valued by the tea-practitioners of the era that later were recognised as artworks commanding respect and admiration. 

They were the quintessential item that united the host and guest in the Japanese Tea Ceremony: a highly-valued item, second only to the tea container or chairé. Many have been handed down through generations by tea practitioners and devotees of the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Our authentic chawan has been skilfully hand-crafted by potters in Japan who have upheld the traditional values such as the requisite of design, softness to touch, and aesthetic appeal.

We invite you to begin your own piece of tradition with our beautifully designed range of tea bowls and make the ritual of preparing matcha a daily pleasure.

Key Features:

  • authentic tea-ceremony utensil
  • hand-crafted from clay
  • individually hand-painted and glazed

Our tea bowls are individually handmade and painted, so there will be slight variances in finishes.

Care Notes:
Wash in mild detergent, rinse, and dry. Not microwavable or dishwasher safe.