Why Choose Organic

Organically grown produce is spreading throughout the world and in its pathway, adapting the cultivation practices of farmers into producing purer agriculture. Conventional farming practices can expose humans to harmful contaminants and radiation. Thus, our tea needs to have traceability. The farmers who produce green tea are increasingly accepting the excellence that certified organic farming practices offer.

There are now industry standards for producing organic teas. The principal objectives of organic farming are to build healthy soils without using toxic chemicals or fertilisers. The regulations minimise harmful environmental pollutants in the food chain and promote healthy ecological biodiversity. The main body registered to support organic green tea production in Japan is The Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS). However, similar organisations exist in other countries. The fundamental objective of JAS was to formulate a set of philosophical statements that was recognisable and supported by other nations and to mitigate the consequences of harmful agricultural practices wherever possible.

Organic matcha has overshadowed a once held belief that all types of matcha are created equally. Now the grade of matcha the organic farmer produces can be molded into a more identifiable product.

The most significant reason for selecting an organic way of life for us was reflecting upon the increasing need to protect ourselves and the environment from human physiological damage and the ecological consequences of pollution and heavy metals. These contaminants have entered our waterways, impeded our air quality, and degraded the purity of our crops.

Organically produced matcha furnishes the potential to increase wellness without the impurities that non-organic teas can. Our matcha surpasses the quality set by many conventional methods of cultivating and producing green tea. The policy of Fubuki Matcha is to provide the best quality matcha green tea powder available to you with JAS Organic Certification.