About Us

We at Fubuki Matcha pay homage to the origins of Japanese Organic Matcha—celebrating its virtues, uniqueness, and versatility, bringing them to the fore in the modern era through our unique range of Matcha tea powders.

Matcha evolved from origins deep in China, making a journey to Japan through associations with Zen Buddhism. From these ancient traditions, quality matcha powder is celebrated not only for its unique flavour but also for the myriad of health benefits it has to offer. No wonder the Zen Buddhist Monks had such faith in matcha's unique properties for calming the mind and instilling order in one's life—a fact proven by scientific studies!

Fubuki Matcha respects these traditions. We have relationships with several long-established small farmers who specialise in their craft to bring to you the special properties of quality organic matcha and make them even more accessible to today's lifestyle.

Our range of matcha powders has uniqueness and purpose and are blended with expertise for particular characteristics. Consequently, our Outstanding Organic Ceremonial Matcha is suited to the most discerning palates, umami-rich, creamy, frothy liquor and distinctly sweet; Light Organic Ceremonial Matcha velvety smooth in finish, and Culinary Organic Matcha beautiful in recipes.

We invite you to create a piece of matcha tradition and make matcha a part of life's everyday pleasures.