Why Should You Be Interested in Becoming a Wholesale Partner?

Fubuki Matcha can benefit your business through our sourcing of matcha from firmly established tea plantations. Our selection of JAS Organic Matcha Teas originates from excellent producers in the Uji and Kagoshima regions of Japan.

From a Small Tea Family Business

The matcha tea plantations we source from were established in 1947 and headed by a second-generation tea master. The family has been pioneering organic tea production since 1980 and commenced for health reasons. The teas grown by our dedicated tea farmers are JAS Certified, NON-GMO, and Radiation Tested.

We at Fubuki Matcha are committed to providing quality matcha that is pure and flavoursome satisfying connoisseurs of tea and those new to matcha.

Freshness is Quality

Maintaining the quality of matcha is a challenge in perishable goods, and our farmers go to great lengths to keep their teas the freshest. That is why after harvesting, the tencha is vacuum-packaged using a small amount of nitrogen gas, then put into cold storage to ensure maximum freshness.

Upon an order placed, the tencha leaves are removed from storage and ground slowly by a granite stone-mill, thus providing the freshest matcha. The organic processing facility, The Hyogo Prefectural Organic Agriculture Society (HOAS), oversees the production of our matcha. Fubuki Matcha can fulfil both small or large volume orders.

We welcome inquiries related to our exclusive range of matcha teas. For further information, please contact us at: inquiry@fubukimatcha.com